SLSRC Repeaters and Nets

SLSRC Repeater Cheat Sheets

Repeater Info Jan 2018 – This link is for a quick reference guide on how to use the SLSRC repeaters for general usage and EchoLink/IRLP.  More info on Echolink & IRLP can be found below.
Echolink Home Page
IRLP Home Page

2 Meters FM

  • 146.850 (-) WØSRC (141.3 CTCSS) – Olivette, MO
  • 146.910 (-) WØSRC (141.3 PL) – Des Peres, MO
  • 146.940 (-) WØSRC (141.3 CTCSS) – Clayton, MO
  • 146.970 (-) WØSRC (141.3 CTCSS) – Saint Louis, MO

2 Meters C4FM Digital Fusion (AMS mode) * See Below

  • 146.940 (-) WØSRC – Clayton, MO
  • 146.970 (-) WØSRC – St. Louis, MO

1.25 Meters FM

  • 224.520 (-) WØSRC (141.3 PL) – Olivette, MO

70 cm FM

  • 442.100 (+) WØSRC (141.3 PL) – Clayton, MO
  • 443.075 (+) WØSRC (141.3 CTCSS) – Olivette, MO

70cm C4FM Digital Fusion (AMS mode) * See Below

  • 443.075 (+) WØSRC – Olivette, MO

APRS Digipeater & iGate (APRS-IS)

  • 144.390 WØSRC-1 Saint Louis, MO

* CTCSS only used when needed for interference

Scheduled Nets

SLSRC Net – Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm on the 146.850 repeater

STL Metro ARES Net – Every Wednesday night at 7:30pm on the 146.850 repeater

HARN Net – 2nd Friday of every month at 8:10am on the 146.850 repeater

Click here to listen to the SLSRC and ARES net archives.

SLSRC Repeater Locations

Point to Point Links Environmental Graphs – These graphs show the temp at the .85 Site

Added Benefits on the 145.850 Repeater

146.850 Internet Streaming on

146.850 Internet Recording Parrot

* AMS (Automatic Mode Select) System Fusion

System Fusion is Yaesu’s digital operating mode.  It only works with Yaesu’s newer mobile and HT radios.  The SLSRC C4FM System Fusion repeaters operate in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).  AMS mode works in Digital Narrow (DN), Wide Voice (WV), Frequency Modulation (FM) and Data.  If you transmit in FM, you will receive in FM.  If you transmit in digital C4FM (DN, WV, Data) you will receive in digital.  If a FM user joins a digital conversation, all the Yaesu radios will automatically switch to FM to continue that conversation.  In FM mode, you must use a CTCSS tone of 141.3 Hz to access the repeater.  If you are operating in FM mode, please check to see if a digital conversation is in progress (BUSY light + S meter bars will be present) before you key up.  If you have a FM only radio, use the CTCSS tone to squelch out the C4FM digital hash.  If you have a “Busy Channel Lock Out” feature on your radio, you might want to turn it on for this frequency.  There is no courtesy tone on the SLSRC System Fusion repeaters & there is a very short squelch tail.  Timeout is 3min.

In Aug 2018 Yaesu put together an “Overview of System Fusion 2” YouTube video that is very informative on C4FM.  I encourage you to watch this video to get up to speed on the System Fusion environment.

In Sept 2018 Yaesu put together an “Overview of DG-ID and DP-ID” YouTube video.  Go check it out to lear more about this ID’ing standard.

All SLSRC Repeater information is up to date on this website and as of Sept 28th 2018.