Tech Net

Welcome to the SLSRC Tech Net.

SLSRC started this net in Feb 2019 and it runs every 4th Thursday starting at 7:30 p.m. on the 146.850 (-) CTCSS 141.3 repeater.

The net usually starts out with a SME (subject matter expert) on a specific topic giving a verbal presentation for 15 to 20 minutes.  Net control will then take check-ins for questions.  The SME can answer the questions, but if you have a comment, feel free to jump in.  The net is a directed net (meaning if you would like to make a comment, please call net control WØSRC).

On weeks the net does not have an SME, net control will take check-ins and ask for questions.  Questions can be asked by anyone and answered by anyone.  If you hear a question you have a comment or answer for, please call net control with your call sign.

Operators can ask questions many different ways.
1) Via RF on the 146.850 repeater.
2) Via Echolink through node 396891.
3) Via AllStar node #40105.
4) Via the chat window below.

NOTE : as of Oct 2019, we are rebuilding our Broadcastify Raspberry Pi, so the stream is off line.  If you’re not near a VHF radio or Echolink station you can listen via Broadcastify and ask your question in the chat below after logging in.

To join our IRC chat below, enter in your call sign and click the green start button.  You don’t have to log in or save a password to enter the chat.

 NICKNAME = YOUR CALLSIGN (no password needed)