SLSRC President’s Notes – Winter 2023

February 6, 2023…

Winterfest 2023 has just passed and by all measures it surpassed the last two years.  This year we sold 176 tables, 774 admission tickets, and had 60 attend the ARRL & DX banquet.  These numbers aren’t quite as high as 2020 (pre-covid) but it puts the event back in the black and sets it back on track to be a continuing and growing event for both the club and hams in the region.  BridgeCom Systems was back for the first time in years and they sold out of radios in the first hour they were there.   Many other vendors said that they sold just as well as in the past. With your help we can make Winterfest 2024 even better.

‘With your help’ is the biggest point I want you to take away from this. We are a large club with around 160 members, and for most of the year we have around 40 members at each meeting. I understand that some of you have problems with driving at night or other obligations on Friday nights, but we want you to take part in our activities. What can the club do for you? Is there a different time or day that works for you?    Please fill out the survey here and tell us more.  We have a few spots to fill in the club leadership, and if you have a few hours a week and want to be more active let me know.  There aren’t any special skills needed, you don’t need to be a ‘super ham’, you don’t even need to know anything special, just raise your hand and we’ll find a way that you can get involved.

On the topic of volunteerism, Bike MS is using hams again this year. The event organizers reached out to the Lewis and Clark Radio Club and they are taking the lead and using their repeater but they will still be looking for hams to volunteer.  SLSRC and its members were very active in the event pre-covid and now after a few years they have come back to using hams. I have never personally participated but I understand it is a good way to get real world experience on the air and to test your skills in operating. Stay tuned to, our email list, Facebook, etc. for more information as it comes out.

2023 is going to be a great year for the club and I want all of you to join in as much as you can. 

Brendan, KEØFCG
President, SLSRC