President’s Notes – June 2021

July 3, 2021…

Field Day this year felt like a big step back towards normal. It was my first time meeting most of you in person.  If I didn’t get to meet you, I look forward for the chance at the July meeting.  Our first in-person meeting will be on Friday, July 23rd, back at the Goldfarb School of Nursing located on the campus of Missouri Baptist Medical Center in Rooms #419 & #420.  

I want to thank Mark Hall AEØME, Chairman of the Field Day Committee, and the rest of the Field Day Committee for doing a great job planning, and implementing Field Day this year.  I know Mark is already planning for next year, so if you want to help with the planning and setup for Field Day 2022 send an email to  

Field Day has always been a great chance for the club to show others what ham radio is and give everyone a chance to work contacts they may not regularly get to make. As a relatively new ham, these experiences are still fresh in my mind. My first time on HF was Field Day 2019. I had had my license for a couple of years but no budget for a radio and no space for an antenna, so when I showed up at Field Day later in the evening after putting my little one to bed, I got to spend a couple of hours making contacts.  It was a great experience and I want others to have the same chance.  This year I got to have the opportunity to get a couple of others on the air for the first time and to try out fox hunting for myself for the first time. 

I know this is only the start of the club getting back to normal. We have a lot more to look forward to, starting this week with the first in person mentoring session and the July meeting being in person.  We have fallen behind this last year gathering new members into committees. Without face to face meetings it’s been harder to find those who are interested and get them into the committees that can use their help.  Right now we are looking for more people interested in supporting Winterfest which is our biggest fundraiser of the year, we are also needing our new members to know about the other committees such as:

  • The Education Committee
  • The Engineering committee
  • The Field Day Committee
  • The Net Control Committee
  • The Program Committee
  • The Social Committee
  • The Website Committee
  • The Club Shack Committee
  • The Equipment Committee
  • We also need a public information officer

If you’re like me, you had no idea there were this many committees in the club, but every activity we do has to be planned, budgeted, set up, and operated by members of the club.  Many of the activities we do rely on the same core group of volunteers and if we want all of the events to happen, we need as many people willing to help to each take a small part of the load.

Brendan, KEØFCG