SLSRC License Classes and Testing – Update

May 25, 2020….

SLSRC started 2020 with a very aggressive plan for license class and VE testing…Technician Class in March, General Class in May and an Extra Class in June. We all know what happened and resulting in the classes being canceled and unfortunately none of us can predict the future.

Until we get a “green light” on being able to hold “in person” classes and testing, we recommend the following:

  • If you have received study guides for any of the scheduled classes, continue studying. If you feel comfortable enough to pass the test, there are several VE organizations that are conducting virtual/online testing. For a complete list go to Find one that best fits your schedule and contact them for complete information. There will be no local “in person” VE testing until at least July and possibly August.
  • If you did not register for one of our previously scheduled classes and would like to do so, please contact me at and I will send study guides. 
  • For those registered for the Extra Class, we received official notification from the ARRL that the current question pool will not be extended past June 30. As a result we will not be having online sessions due to the amount of material to cover and the need to have the sessions “in person.” A date will be set as soon as  rooms, etc. become available but that date is unknown at this point.
  • For those registered for the Technician Class, we will be in contact as soon as a class date is finalized. We are hoping for late Summer or early Fall. The number of registrants is too large to conduct a successful online session. Use the study guides you have received and if you feel comfortable taking the test online, refer to the above information. There are at least 3 new local Technicians with whom I have spoken to who just recently received their license via online testing.
  • For those registered, or who want to register for the General Class, we are putting together a series of “Google Meet” sessions starting mid- June. If you are registered, I will be in contact with the details, and if you are not registered but want to be included, please contact me. This is for Technicians upgrading to General.
  • If anyone in any group has questions or concerns about a specific area please email and we will get an answer or explanation.

In the meantime…stay safe and healthy.