SLSRC Announces Equipment Grant Awards

May 25, 2020….

SLSRC has conducted its first-ever Equipment Grant award program.  As was announced at the March Club meeting, the family of an SK donated equipment to the club with the requirement that it be used by a new Ham to enhance their ham radio enjoyment.  In order to comply with the requirement, SLSRC created an Equipment Grant program for members to submit applications to obtain the equipment.  The Equipment Grant application submission period ended on April 30, 2020.

There were 7 applications submitted for the HF equipment and 3 applications submitted for the VHF equipment.   The applications were blindly reviewed and scored by the Leadership Group.  All of the applicants did a great job as the submissions were well written and made the scoring a challenge for the team. 

SLSRC is pleased to announce the following Equipment Grants

HF Equipment  –  ICOM IC725 with Astron Power Supply
   Awarded to:   Larry Kiefer WBØSMF

VHF Equipment – Yaesu FT2500M
 Awarded to:  Stephen Paul  KEØYUX

Arrangements are being made to deliver the equipment to the awardees.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Grant application.