SLSRC New Repeater Game – Scrabble May 30, 2020

Bill Carroll, KC9CIK

What Is Scrabble on Ham Radio?

You don’t need to know a great deal about Scrabble to take part, other than what beats what in the scoring. – and even that will be done by me, KC9CIK after the “words” are turned in. Essentially this is an excuse to have a good time while using amateur radio, SLSRC repeaters, and obtain coverage information about the repeaters. Participants meet on the 146.850 repeater and pick up details of the format and the repeaters they need to contact. The Scrabble game will take place Saturday, May 30th from 5 PM to 7 PM. Each participant should record the letter tiles received as they progress along with the repeaters. At each designated repeater, the participants will be assigned letter tiles at random. The tiles assigned are recorded by the participant. All participants are encouraged to submit their word to the game master via the on-line form at this link.

The winner of the event is the participant who makes the best scoring word at the end. The winning rack is determined by standard Scrabble Rules. The prize will be a Heil Sound FS-3 Channel Foot Switch for PTT.

We will be using the following SLSRC repeaters: 

146.850 (-) WØSRC (141.3 in/out) – Olivette, MO

146.910 (-) WØSRC (141.3 in) – Des Peres, MO

146.940 (-) WØSRC (141.3 in/out) – Clayton, MO

146.970 (-) WØSRC (141.3 in/out) – Saint Louis, MO


1.      Only receive 4 letter tiles per repeater

2.      All repeaters will be operational during the same time period. (May 30, 5 PM to 7 PM)

a.      Receive your letter tiles on a repeater and then move to another repeater.

3.      Letter tiles will be issued for each repeater in different orders.

a.      You are allowed to have multiples of individual letters

b.      You will only receive a total of 16 letter tiles

c.       If you are not able to receive letter tiles from a repeater, return to the 146.850 repeater for the amount of needed tiles.

4.     Use the collected tiles to create the highest scoring word possible, playing off of the Scrabbleboard provided.

5.     The on-line forms are to be completed within 72 hours of the completion of Scrabble. 

a.  If you are not able to submit the online form, then email the words received to 

6.      The highest-scoring word by standard Scrabble rules will receive the prize.

Letter scores are as follows:

·        2 blank tiles(Blanks are wild cards.  They can be used for anything but have no value)

·        1 point: E, A, I, O, N, R, T, L, S, U

·        2 points: D, G

·        3 points: B, C, M, P

·        4 points: F, H, V, W, Y

·        5 points: K

·        8 points: J, X

·        10 points: Q, Z

It is the participants’ responsibility to check that their score sheet matches what the dealer deals at each repeater to ensure that the letter tiles tare correctly recorded on their score sheet. By keeping to the above rules, this should be a fun and enjoyable event for all.

 More information on the Heil FS-3 footswitch can be found at the following link.