Stuck at Home! – Videos to Watch

April 7, 2020….

As we continue to self isolate, many of us are struggling for new things to do in our solitude.  Here is a reminder of a few of the things available to you.

The club has a YouTube channel,  There are more than 30 videos and presentations that the club has put on over the last few years.  Remember to subscribe to our channel to get reminders when the club adds new content.

There are many other YouTube channels and podcasts you might find entertaining as well.  For a list of some of our favorites visit

Many of you are also aware that the Wes Schum W9DYV Symposium came to Winterfest 2020 this past January.  The forums for the symposium were put on video and we are able to share them with you. Just visit the website  Not only are there presentations from Winterfest, but they also have presentations from past symposiums.

Don’t forget about the on-air nets we are currently hosting.  On the 146.85 repeater, there is the regular 7:30 Tuesday Night net as well as the Tech net on the 4th Thursday of the month.  We are also hosting a Stuck At Home Net each other night through April 18 at 8pm (we will let you know if this gets extended). For all the information about the Stuck At Home Net  see  The repeater changes each night.  See the schedule below.

The schedule will be as follows;
Saturdays on the 146.910 at 8pm
Sundays on the 146.970 at 8pm
Mondays on the 146.940 at 8pm
Tuesday check in to the SLSRC net at 7:30pm on the 146.850 repeater
Wednesdays on the 146.910 at 8pm
Thursday on the 146.970 at 8pm
Fridays on the 146.850 at 8pm

*Please note – The repeaters are available at times other than the nets. Don’t forget to reach out and use them 24/7.

For a list of all the available repeaters, see