SLSRC Daily “Stuck at Home” Net

While you are “Stuck at Home”, might as well get on the radio and communicate with your fellow hams!

Starting Saturday, March 28th, SLSRC will be holding a nightly “Stuck at Home” net held on various SLSRC 2m repeaters around the St. Louis area.  The net will be held at 8pm running until at least April 18th, unless noted otherwise.  This will be a directed net and also be informal. Net control will ask for check-ins, call back those stations and ask if you have any comments.  We encourage you to give your name, location and maybe what you did during the day to keep yourself busy. All comments are welcome! You can also check in short time (you have no comments for the net) by giving your call sign and saying “short time”.  You will not be called back for comment.

The following repeaters will be used in rotation to help with coverage;
146.850 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located in Olivette
146.970 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located just west of Forest Park
146.940 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located in Brentwood
146.910 (-) CTCSS 141.3 located at Manchester & 270

The schedule will be as follows;
Saturdays on the 146.910 at 8pm
Sundays on the 146.970 at 8pm
Mondays on the 146.940 at 8pm
Tuesday check in to the SLSRC net at 7:30pm on the 146.850 repeater
Wednesdays on the 146.910 at 8pm
Thursday on the 146.970 at 8pm
Fridays on the 146.850 at 8pm

A list of SLSRC repeaters can be found at