SLSRC “Back to Basics” Friday, December 6th, “Amateur Radio Safety”

This month’s “Back to Basics” topic is “Amateur Radio Safety” and will include:

  • Antenna and Tower Safety
  • Power Lines
  • Electrical Wiring around the Shack
  • Lightning Protection
  • Grounding
  • Station Power
  • FCC RF-Exposure Regulations
  • Safe Homebrewing
  • RF Radiation and EMF Safety
  • Other Hazards in the Ham Shack

The classes are for ALL amateurs, but are geared toward the new amateurs, those who want to refresh their knowledge, and those who are not amateurs…yet, and, of course “old timers!” 

More info can be found at our Back to Basics website located at:

In addition to the presentation, there will be a Q&A session with several mentors available to answer your questions.

Friday, December 6
Missouri Baptist Hospital
Goldfarb School of Nursing
Rooms 419-420
7 PM