SLSRC Congratulates New Technicians from October Class!

SLSRC congratulates the following who completed the October 12-13 weekend class and passed their Technician License test:

  • Cathy Schindler WBØUDN (upgraded from Novice)
  • Diamante Isaiah Price KD9OBC
  • Larry Kiefer  KEØYEH
  • Mike Farrell  KEØYEI
  • Miles Whitener  KEØYEG
  • Myra Jackson  KD9OBB
  • “Robbie” McDonald Jr. KEØYEJ
  • Ted McCracken  KEØYEE
  • Tyler Kiefer  KEØYEK
  • William “Will” Bristol  KEØYEF

A special thanks to Paul KCØCBL for his tremendous help in teaching the class and to the Cliff Cave VE team for administering the license tests.

Give them a ‘BIG WELCOME’ when you hear them on the air or see them at a club event.