Results of the SLSRC 2m Simplex Sprint

Below are the results of the Fall 2m Simplex Sprint contest.

Tony Miller KIØO 820 points 1st place
Robert Burgert KØBRM 236 points 2nd place
Sean McMahon  KBØVER 156 points 3rd place
Jon Poland NØWLL 112 points
Viktar Yermolenka KCØBYE 32 points

Scott Young ND9E 3740 points 1st place
Brendan Denney KEØFCG 2862 points 2nd place

Fixed Rookie
Deb Brethold WØQPR 2185 points 1st place
Karen St. Amour KØQNB 295 points 2nd place
Rosa Richter KEØVTF 190 points 3rd place
Kevin Pfarr KEØVWU/AG 140 points

Mobile Rookie
Mark Hall AEØME 46180 points 1st place
Michael Craig NØGRZ 3600 points 2nd place

Congratulations to those who placed and thank you to all those who participated in the contest!  The contest will return in the spring of 2020.