SLSRC Congratulates 6 New Amateur Operators From The Recent June 8-9 Class!

SLSRC congratulates the following who completed the June 8-9 weekend class and passed their Technician License test:

  • Connie Tan KAØVGH (Connie upgraded from Novice to Technician)
  • Ryan Tan KEØWBX
  • Randall Jennings KEØWBU
  • Tom Neinast KEØWBV
  • Walter (aka Skyllet) Fletcher KEØWBW
  • Rick Filcoff KEØWBY (Rick’s General License from many years ago was reinstated)

A special thanks to Paul KCØCBL for his help in teaching the class and to the Cliff Cave VE team for administering the license tests.

Give a BIG “WELCOME” when you hear them on the air or see them at a club event.