Team Exuberance Thank You Note

Violetta (KM4ATT) and Marty (NN1C) had a vision of creating an all youth team, traveling to a contest superstation and participating in CQ WW SSB in March 2019.  They recruited David (VE7DZO), Bryant (KG5HVO), Levi (K6JO) and Tomi (HA8RT) to participate and locked in Tim Duffy’s (K3LR) superstation as the contest location.

Violetta and Marty setup a Go Fund Me page and asked amateur radio operators and clubs to help support their effort to help offset some of the costs of travel and meals to make the event happen.  They raised close to $5000.

SLSRC donated $100 to Team Exuberance out of the funds obtained from the sale of the ICOM 7851 that was donated to the club.  The gracious SLSRC member who donated the 7851 asked that if the radio was sold, the funds be used for education and getting more youth into the hobby.  SLSRC leadership thought the donation to Team Exuberance was a great way to use those funds.

Team Exuberance went on to claim 23 million points, 6000+ contacts and possibly scored a world record with their efforts.  Way to go!

We received this “thank you” note and picture in the mail for the club’s contribution.