SLSRC YouTube Channel – Check It Out!

June 1, 2019….

Did you know SLSRC has a YouTube channel?  The URL is located below.

Help us get to 100 subscribers so we can request a custom URL to help spread the word easily.  Click on the above URL and hit the “subscribe” button to subscribe to our channel. If you’re feeling lucky, click the “bell” icon to get notified when SLSRC uploads a new video.

SLSRC records the monthly general meeting presentations and we publish them on our YouTube channel two months after the initial presentation.  You can also find some of our Back to Basics classes on our channel too!

We have recently published our February and March 2019 presentations, so go check them out!

SLSRC also has many videos planned for the channel this summer, so please subscribe and click the bell to get notified when a new video is published.