Check Out What’s Going On At SLSRC & How To Get Involved!!!

As we roll into the summer months, I would like to bring you up to speed on some club related events and communication that hopefully you can help out with.

We have a lot of on-going events scheduled in the next few months we’d like to see you attend.  Our Mentoring Workshops are held the first Friday of the month at the MoBAP (Goldfarb) School of Nursing at 7pm.  Everybody is welcome as these sessions are geared towards helping new hams get up to speed on amateur radio concepts.  SLSRC hosts two breakfasts the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month. Check out our breakfast website for more info.  Also, our monthly meetings club meetings are held on the 4th Friday at MoBAP School of Nursing starting at 7pm.  Norm Guittar is back for the May presentation to follow up this very interesting presentation last year about electric cars.  I’m sure there is a ham radio twist in there somewhere!

*Field Day *

Field Day is just around the corner June 22 & 23rd at James McDonnell Park so mark it down on your calendar!  If you’re interested in serving on the Field Day committee or working the overnight shift, please email for more details.  Be looking for more communication in the future about the Field Day details.  Operating begins at 1pm.

*Open Committee Positions *

We have some open committee positions we’d like to see club members volunteer for.  George (WØGRW) is looking for members on his IT team. If you’re good with computers or want to learn more about the club owned computers and technology, please email and we’ll get you in touch with George.  

The club is also looking for programmers who have experience with Android and Iphone application creation.  If you have any experience or know someone who would like to help the club, please email

A few months back, the club voted to investigate the possibility of building a club owned shack for members to operate from, so we formed a committee to head this effort up.  This committee is looking for members to help drive this request. If you have an interest in helping the club set requirements, purchase land and build a club shack please let us know at

*Open Board Position *

And finally we have an open Secretary position on our Board of Directors.  If you’re interested in being considered for this very important position and helping the club out, please read our By-Laws for a role description and send an email to for more details.  This position is a two year term ending in Dec 2020.

As you can probably tell, we have a lot of activities happening in the next few months that require help to plan and coordinate.  This is a very active club with many different talents among our membership. One way you can be active in the hobby and our club is to volunteer for one of the many open positions within our board and committees.  Even if you don’t have a skill listed above, just volunteering and learning about the club committees can be a very rewarding experience.



President SLSRC