SLSRC Repeaters

Did you know the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club operates seven repeaters in five different locations around St. Louis?  All the repeater info below can be found at

On the repeater home page we group repeaters by band, but below the repeaters are grouped by location, so you can pick out one closest to your house or drive.  All repeaters have the call sign WØSRC.

Operating out of Olivette, on Olive Blvd just east of Lindbergh Blvd;
146.850 (-) 141.3 in/out – analog only
224.520 (-) 141.3 in – analog only
443.075 (+) 141.3 in/out – analog + C4FM (AMS mode)

Operating out of Clayton, on Brentwood Blvd just north of Forest Park Parkway;
146.940 (-) 141.3 in/out – analog + C4FM (AMS mode)
442.100 (+) 141.3 in – analog only

Operating out of Des Peres, at the corner of 270 and Manchester;
146.910 (-) 141.3 in – analog only

Operating out of St. Louis City, on Skinker Blvd between Clayton Rd & Lindell West of Forest Park;
146.970 (-) 141.3 in/out – analog + C4FM (AMS mode)

Operating out of Town & Country, on top of the Missouri Baptist Hospital;
144.390 WØSRC-1 SLSRC’s Digipeater

Remember if you have an analog only mobile or HT rig and you want to talk on a repeater in AMS mode, turn on CTCSS to the INPUT of your radio, sometimes called TSQL, so you don’t hear the hash of the digital conversation.

SLSRC operates three different non-RF modes within our system.  Echolink (Node 396891) and IRLP (Node 7160) is connected to the 146.850 repeater full time.  Our AllStar Hub (Node 49485) is not connected to any repeater system, but does serve as a “room” for other AllStar nodes connected.

In the near future we will be turning the 443.075 and 146.940 repeaters to C4FM digital only and linking them together.  We will also link these two repeaters to Wires-X and host the STLMetro room for other repeater systems using Wires-X to link into.

On the 146.850 repeater, the club will be upgrading the controller, clearing up any Echolink issues with a new server and adding AllStar access during the late spring.

As you can see, there are lots of changes coming for the SLSRC repeater systems.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us an email at