SLSRC History

Reflecting back on my schooling, my least favorite subject was history.  Always memorizing names and dates, yuck!  As I grew older, TV made history fun.  I learned more about the stories in history everything behind the names and dates.  History became more interesting.

Today, as I had a few spare moments, I started looking into the history of the St Louis and Suburban Radio Club by going through one of the boxes I inherited when I became secretary.  My plan is to start sharing some of the history I find.  Maybe you will find it as interesting as I have.

Below are 2 newspaper articles I came across.  The first is about Field Day from June of 1979 and the second about communicators helping St John’s Mercy Medical Center with internal communication when they lost all their telephone service form July of 1991.  If you were involved with either of these events, please share with me your stories so that I can add them to the club’s history.

–Rebecca Carroll


Field Day 1979


Hospital Help 1991