Back to Basics Classes

Back to Basics classes were put together out of the need of new and old hams learning about different aspects of the hobby.  There are many new hams who get their Technician license and ask “what’s next?”.  These classes are to help answer that question!  We will help guide you on “what’s next” and hopefully show you some interesting things along the way.

Back to Basics classes run from October to March on the 1st Friday of the month starting at 7pm.  They are located in our regular club meeting location at Missouri Baptist Hospital, Goldfarb School of Nursing.  Click here for more info on Back to Basics location.

Back to Basics will start back up in Oct 2017 continuing into 2018, so if your a new ham or old ham wanting to learn new tricks, these classes will help jump start your hobby!

Some of the topics presented include the following with the months :

Oct – Buying your first VHF/UHF rig & install – Back to Basics VHF/UHF Rig Oct 2017 Presentation
Nov – Repeater and net lingo – Back to Basics Repeater & Net Lingo Nov 2017 Presentation
Dec – Buying your first HF rig and equipment – Back to Basics HF Dec 2017 Presentation
Jan – Confirming QSO, QSL cards and LoTW, eQSL
Feb – Emergency Communications and public service events
Mar – Other aspects of ham radio (Satellites, QRP, Contesting, HAM Wan, Digital Modes, SDR, etc..)