Team Exuberance Donation

In January the SLSRC donated $100 to Violetta K Latham, KM4ATT, of Team Exuberance. This donation, along with many others, will help these young amateur radio contesters travel to operate from K3LR in West Middlesex, PA.

In their own words:

“Old age and treachery will always win over youth and exuberance.” But is that true? Team Exuberance is out to prove that statement wrong. They are a team of 6 kids, Violetta (KM4ATT), Bryant (KG5HVO), David (VE7DZO),  Tomi (HA8RT), Levi (K6JO), and Marty (NN1C) will be traveling to operate from the K3LR superstation for the CQ WW WPX SSB contest (March 30-31, 2019) in the multi-2 category. Each team member is planning to travel from their home QTH and will meet at the K3LR superstation for a weekend of competitive contesting.

The team is working to raise $5,000 to make this operation happen. These funds will be used for transportation, hotels, meals, and other needs. Any and all donations are appreciated.

As of January 29th the team has managed to raise $4,545 of their $5,000 goal.

If you are interested in helping this young team reach their goal or you would like more information about them, please check out their Go Fund Me page at