146.970 Repeater Changes

The Engineering Committee has replaced the 146.970 repeater with a new C4FM Yaesu System Fusion configured in AMS (Automatic Select Mode) with new coax and antenna.  A 141.3 CTCSS output has been added to this repeater on the FM side. No changes were made to the FM input tone of 141.3. No DG-ID (00) is needed on the digital side.  If you do not update your transceiver settings with the 141.3 CTCSS, and a digital conversation is taking place, you will hear “digital hash” on the frequency.

If you want to learn more about C4FM and how AMS works on the SLSRC repeater systems, please go to our repeaters and nets website at http://www.slsrc.org/repeaters-and-nets/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page where we explain more about AMS. We have added a couple of Yaesu YouTube webinars explaining more about C4FM digital, DG-ID and DP-ID’s.