2m Sprint Contest Results from Sept 1st 2018

Results are in!

1st Place Mobile – Pamela Caldwell (KEØOWG) operating as a rookie with 97,200 points!
2nd Place Mobile – Mark Hall (ADØZQ) with Max Slover (KØAZV) as an elmer with 61,300 points.
3rd Place Mobile – Phil Stephenson (KØPWS) with 13,078 points.

1st Place Fixed – Scott St. Amour (KØPCM) & Karen St. Amour (KØQNB) with Dolores Guittar (KDØCIV) as an elmer with 6550 points.
2nd Place Fixed – Deb Moore (KEØQPR) with Richard Brethold (WAØKWI) as an elmer with 3430 points.
3rd Place Fixed – Doug Coners (AEØDC) operating as a rookie with 1990 points.

Way to go rookies and elmers!  Honorable mention to all the rookies who submitted a log sheet ;

Dave Trotter (KØDTT) with 288 points.
Thomas Laybourn (KEØSGU) with 7960 points.
Billy Kollmar (KD9KMK) with 11210 points.

We had a great turn out with rookies and elmers for this contest on a holiday weekend!  The weather was awesome and lots of contacts were made, so I appreciate everybody participating as other plans might of been a little more tempting to peruse.  I was glad to see all the rookies and elmers working together and excited we had some rookie and elmer teams take home the top spots!  We’ll try and make this an semi-annual event every 6 months.  Be looking for an announcement about a 10 meter HF contest soon that new hams can participate in!

Click on the image below for the score details.  Click the icons below the enlarged picture to make it full screen.