146.850 Repeater Announcements – New Benefits!!!

The SLSRC Engineering Committee is excited to announce a few added benefits to the 146.850 repeater.  Thanks to Eric Powell, (N9RZR) and Michael Sipin, (KA9CQL) for their hard work in helping with these items.

First, we are streaming the 146.850 repeater on Broadcastify.com.  Broadcastify allows you to listen to the repeater through your phone, computer or tablet anywhere in the world without the need for a radio through the internet.  You don’t need an account to stream the audio.  The broadcast feed is located here:  https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/28787.

Second, we are now recording the weekly SLSRC Tuesday night net and Wed night ARES net on the 146.850 repeater.  After the net, you can play back or download the audio for free.  The link to listen or download the audio is: http://85repeater.w0src.org:8080/audio/.  This is a great way to listen back to see how well your audio sounds into the repeater.  The program records and plays back in MP3 format.

Third, we have created a recording parrot on the 146.850 repeater, controllable through a web page.  A parrot allows you to record your voice into a repeater.  The parrot will play back your recorded audio, allowing you to evaluate audio quality, signal strength, etc.  Instead of playing back through the parrot, the recording is internet based.  The link is located here: http://85repeater.w0src.org:8080/recording.php.

Once you’re ready to record, enter in your call sign, choose the duration of the recording and click the record button.  After the allotted time, the recording will automatically play on your computer/phone/tablet.

Be sure to allow pop ups on your browser for slsrc.org for the player to launch.  This program records and plays back in MP3 format.

An item to note, the parrot recording is disabled during the SLSRC and ARES nets.

All these links are located on the SLSRC Repeaters & Nets page under the Quick Links section.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks, 73