SLSRC Congratulates 10 New Hams From March 2018 Class!!!

SLSRC congratulates the new hams listed below who attended the March 2018 Technician Class and obtained their license. They will receive a complimentary SLSRC membership for the remainder of 2018.

Please welcome them to the hobby and congratulate them when you hear them on the air.

Thanks to Paul Koebbe, KCØCBL, for his tremendous contribution in conducting the class, and to the Cliff Cave VE Team for administering the examinations:

● Alex Bowles KEØQPK
● Brian Fairbanks KEØQPN
● Deb Moore KEØQPR
● Jack Bugee KEØQPL
● Jason Jetmore KEØQPO
● Ken Johnson KEØQPP
● Kyle Ericson KEØQPM
● Mike Marjamaa KEØQPQ
● Toby Wall KEØQPS
● Billy Kollmar KD9KMX